Today’s Inspiration – 10.12.17

On the way to work this morning I thought about our current financial journey and I am thankful for the financial tools we have found along the way.

We used Mint for a while and it is one of the most popular financial apps according to a recent Rockstar Finance Poll amongst 137 financial bloggers. Personal Capital is the most popular, Mint comes in second, and YNAB is third for budgeting apps. I voted mainly for YNAB because that is what we use daily. Mint just seems more like a budget tracker than a living breathing spending plan.


I recently had my oil changed (shame on me for not learning how to do it myself, maybe that will be a future money saving project) and this morning I realized something. The percentage of oil remaining on my truck dashboard is just an arbitrary number. When they changed my oil the guy just reset it back to 100%. Before I went in the percentage read 21%. What if my oil percentage was really 5% or even 1.5%. I feel like there should be more of an accurate way to track current oil levels. The normal Chevy truck driver is not going to worry about if that number is accurate just as long as it is in ballpark and it doesn’t go too low. Now I know the mechanic shop last time gave me a sticker saying come back in for an oil change on a certain date and after the suggested three to five thousand miles.

This is not a car blog and I promise I have a point. The average Mint user is like me letting the arbitrary percentage guide future spending and tracking past spending. YNAB is more like the guy who opens the hood every now and again and pulls out the oil dipstick and looks at the oil level manually. Every day I am interacting with my YNAB budget. I add transactions manually, I move around money (roll with the punches), and I have active conversations with my wife about our spending. With Mint we just kinda checked to make sure we did not spend too much in a category each month and that was really it. I want to be intentional with my spending. I love the fact every dollar in my bank account immediately knows its job and is not just floating in banking cyberspace ready for us to spend with a piece of plastic (or metal in the case of our Chase Visa).

Be intentional with your spending and make a plan towards financial security! Go check out the best personal financial apps according to over 100 brilliant financial bloggers over at Rockstar Finance.


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